Tuesday, July 22, 2008

mod woes

After my last post, I decided to do a flickr check to see if other shared my love of (or sense about) the kind of pics that result from the Vistaquest VQ 350. I didn’t find that but I found this cool mod for another Vistaquest. I’m thinking, mine has 5 screws too, so this might work. No go. My lens wasn’t moving clockwise, anticlock-wise or other. Strike one.

I thought then that I might flip the lens on my Kodak Brownie Bull’s-Eye. Took that puppy apart and no go. Kodak wasn’t playing at this point. Not only does this one guard against double exposures (as well as using 120 spools in either the take-up or supply side--argh!), but it also prevents lens flipping without gluing stuff where it shouldn't be glued. No problem, the camera is at least cleaner now. But I did manage to set it up with a roll of 35mm. We’ll see how this test roll goes.

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