Sunday, July 20, 2008

New threads for the Ikoflex

Sweet. . . not that I should be giving wardrobe/fashion advice to anyone or anything these days but I was in the process of researching helio lenses when I ran across a discussion about re-covering a Kiev 4. That discussion led me to this page where I learned that for the not-highly-unreasonable price of 26 bucks (plus shipping) I could get my Ikoflex a new suit. I could, of course, live with it in its current condition (most of it is fine, save for covering on the one knob and a portion of the top and side where the original covering is starting to pull away), but I think it would be much happier if it could wear seal grain red imitation leather. I, on the other hand, would be happiest if it could wear (as all things should) leopard grain imitation leather but they don’t seem to offer that option. The question at this point is whether I’m handy, patient, or simply coordinated enough to remove the old covering and all the gunk beneath it. My fear is that I'll get a third of the way done and want to quit.

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