Saturday, July 19, 2008

. . .so as not to slight Diana+

. . .a camera with whom I’ve not always had the easiest or happiest experiences (that said, when she’s feeling cooperative she’s helped me produce some of the images I’m most proud of), I should say that I’m fairly pleased with the pinhole test roll. All the shots turned out--they weren’t all good, of course, but I didn’t have any totally botched shots (read: taken while lens cap was still on) which is huge in terms of my experience with the Diana +. Holgas are, in my opinion, the more consistent photo-makers.

Given my rocky relationship with this camera, it’s hard to say if the pinhole images look much different since it was often hard to see any of the pictures I’ve taken with the Diana. I also used a tripod with most of these shots which makes a huge difference, I think. As much as I love the blurry/dreamy look that Dianas often afford (note as well the light leak on the image above), part of me is really excited when I take a picture with the Diana that looks like it might have been taken with a non-plastic or non-toy camera. Ironic to respond this way when I bought the Holga and Diana precisely because they could provide images that didn’t look like they were taken with my canon or Nikon! I’ve been warned that you can’t really anticipate or control what these cameras do which is why (I think) I like the shots that don’t look like the majority of the others on the roll.

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