Sunday, November 23, 2008

in retrospect

i'm feeling a little guilty about crabbing so much about my lack of access to new and exciting content. it's not that campus is a bad place to take photos (same goes for my yard, the woods, stuff inside the house, etc.). it's more a matter of wanting to add more variety to the mix.

and actually, the vistaquest shot of the sondheim statue (above) is still one of my favorites. and i've actually been pretty surprised by how. . .i don't know, surreal or fairy-tale some of the shots i've taken on/around campus can look, especially those taken around the library pond area. at this point, i guess i'm also given the occasion to rethink the comments i've made about the lomo x-film, since the first shot below (taken with the smena) was taken with that film. the one below that--of the walking path leading to the library--was taken with the holga and that stretch of path is one of my favorite places on campus to take photos.

two more recent campus holgas:

and then there were these double (maybe even triple?) exposures taken on/around campus this summer with the non-spidered praktica mtl3:

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