Friday, December 12, 2008

honoring, rivaling and revising lp

lp may well not dig this--my silent variation on her theme--but i spent some time this afternoon remediating (i.e., honoring, rivaling and revising) a tiny portion of the 13 minute process documentary she produced for my language and society class. in fact, if we were of the same generation, lp might find herself singing "look what [she] done to my song, ma" when (or if) she views this.

i have to say, the original documentary was--is--incredible! lp used my office to conduct brief interviews with other members of the class. she asked them to describe what they were doing for their final projects, what they had already accomplished, what they had left to do, what their motives were, etc. lp then spent time shadowing one member of the class whose initials are also, ironically, lp. lp1 videotaped the processes lp2 employed while working on her final project, a complex piece of work entitled "the knowledge project."

while the bulk of the documentary focuses on the similarities (but mainly the differences) between lp2's processes and motives and those of her colleagues, i found the last three or so minutes of the piece to be incredibly moving.

backstory: when lp1 and i discussed the various types of footage she might collect for her project, we decided that she'd set up in my office with two cameras--my good videocamera and a flip video i borrowed from a colleague--leaving two other cameras free for classroom footage. one of these cameras (my flip video) was passed around from student to student (thereby freeing me up to take b/w stills with my yashica d) during the class session during which lp was conducting interviews in my office. before class began, my old sony cam was set up in the corner of the classroom where it just sat there, largely forgotten, collecting stuff.

and it was this stuff lp1 sped up and featured at the end of her documentary.

looking for a good excuse to do something with premiere pro i decided to take the last few minutes of lp1's video and insert into that footage the b/w stills i had taken that day. sadly missing from this version is lp1's most excellent soundtrack. . .

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