Sunday, December 14, 2008


finally! something of the sharpness and detail i was hoping for!

actually, i was all set up to do another test roll with the pinhawk this morning when i decided to swap out the pinhole. the camera was loaded with film and i had already taped it to the tripod so i had to undo and redo all that. i had been using the pinhole from the original matchbox (duh--blurry likely begets blurry) and decided to make another--one that was slightly smaller and one that i took care to make sure that was sanded and sure to be round.

yeah. time to get getting with my other revisions--the kind i'm actually paid to do! (by the by--this was the tetenal kit's 22nd or 23rd roll--way to keep going. . .and i mixed the batch way back on oct 25th!)

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