Tuesday, July 27, 2010

at issue (holga puzzler cont'd)

My Holga ("Twilight Zone" version) arrived yesterday and unlike the picture of the item featured on the website (and unlike the last yellow Holgawood Holga I purchased), this one has its tripod mount positioned directly beneath the middle of the lens barrel. ARGH! This means that my old shutter release adapter, made for Holgas with decentered tripod mounts, will not work on this new camera. Having grown tired of trying to find a camera with a decentered tripod mount, I decided last night to spring for a new shutter release. Here's hoping that they've redesigned that for Holgas with the centered tripod mount. If this is, in fact, the case, good luck to anyone with an older Holga (or one with the decentered tripod mount) as it doesn't seem that issues of compatibility (or redesign) are foregrounded with these cameras. It would be immensely helpful, for instance, if the ones with the centered tripod mount were named Holga 120NR or something to indicate the redesigned tripod mount. [Perhaps images of items for sale online could also be updated to reflect more accurately which version one is buying.]

Or perhaps more simply, the online descriptions for the cameras and shutter releases might be described specficially as having (or fitting) the centered vs. decentered tripod mount. Holgas aren't expensive, per se, but they ain't cheap. Ditto for the shutter release adapter. Add to the costs, the frustration of receiving an incompatible item and the wait time (and perhaps extra costs for return shipping for items). Blah. Really frustrating. Meanwhile, I'm still waiting to experiment with infrared film in the Holga. To think that I placed the order for the first Holga on July 12th. And I'm still waiting for the issue to be resolved. Maybe my goal should be to shoot Holga infrared in fall?

Anyhoot--the images below more concretely illustrate (or illustrate visually) the incompatibility of the new tripod mount and the old shutter release:

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