Sunday, August 15, 2010

a (somewhat scratched) sampling

In my previous post, I referred to a problem I'd been having with scratches on the film I recently ran through my Zero Image 135 camera. Here's a sampling. In some instances I've attempted to lessen the impact/visibility of the scratches using the cloning tool in Photoshop. In other cases (i.e., with the lighter/overexposed images) the lines are not as apparent or visible. Once again, I'm a bit frustrated by my attempts to find online people experiencing similar problems.


Vic said...

Could your camera be scratching the film? Wipe down the rollers and the vertical flats on the edge of the frame. You could have a chip or a scratch (use your fingertips to feel for irregularities). Try to see if the scratch is in the front or back of the film - it could be your camera pressure plate.

Bill Wolff said...

How is the clone tool better than the spot healing brush for scratches? I get them often from my Diana F+. And I have some weird lines that are on some of my Canon AE-1 shots from Yosemite. I suspect something was on the lens when I shot the photos.

Taking your lead, I've started discussing scanning and stuff on my new photo web site:

I doubt I'll be as prolific as you, but it's a start.

remediate this said...

Yes, Vic, I'm guessing it is the camera but the zero image I'm using doesn't have rollers, but I'm thinking that the wooden sides and/or back of the camera combined with the tension of the film, could be putting too much stress on the film.

Bill: Could be that the spot healing is better for scratches--I get lazy and tend to grab whichever tool is handy. (bad, bad process point!) I'm so glad that you've begun discussing your process online! Can't wait to read about (and see more of) what you've been up to!

Bill Wolff said...

I think the spot healing brush is made for scratches. I'm looking forward to getting CS5 installed on the computer after classes start because some of my Yosemite negatives have water stains on them that I can't get rid of digitally without messing up the image. CS5's spot healing brush has crazy scary awareness.

I also seem to get streaks/scratches just inside the borders of my Holga and Diana F+ shots. I wonder if it could be the mask do that, putting pressure on the film.