Sunday, August 29, 2010

well, that's more like it!

Meet the new Kowa. In light (no pun intended) of the problems I had been having with the first Kowa I bought--the Kowa/Six--I decided to return that one for a refund and purchased the Kowa Super 66 instead. It wasn't that I necessarily preferred the Super 66 over the Six or SixMM, it was more a matter of price, availability, and whether or not the seller had a return option.

As soon as the new Kowa arrived, I did a black and white test roll and I tried, best as I could, to switch up the lighting conditions. The test roll looked pretty good. I'm thinking this is a keeper. I still need to do a color test roll with the 85mm lens--the sampling below was taken with a 55 mm wide angle lens.


Bill Wolff said...


I just released my professional photography site to support my upcoming solo show!

Check it out and let me know what you think.

I really need to learn to develop my own stuff. Where do you find the time??


remediate this said...


great, great site! the online course sounds incredible--if he offers one that doesn't involve night photography, let me know!

anyhoot. i'll leave comments on your site as well.

in the meantime, in terms of the b/w (or color) home-developing, i can't imagine not doing it! at this point, i'm only set up to develop my negatives at home (i don't have an enlarger, so i just make digital prints), so it's really the scanning that takes the most time.

now that my book is done, i might see about setting up a dark room so that i can do my own prints and alt work at home!