Saturday, April 2, 2011

tis' the season. . .

for yard sales, that is. Chris and I attended our first yard sales of the season this morning, and boy howdy, did we score big at the second house we stopped at! Apparently, one of the local historical societies couldn't (or wouldn't) take these six boxes of historic goodness, so guess who did? I've not gotten through everything yet, but the lot seems to contain approximately 35 scrapbooks and photo albums (photos date from approximately 1915-1979), 2 framed pictures, 10 small detailed trip diaries, various expense books, two boxes of misc. photos/negatives/personal papers, as well as death certificates for the husband and wife whose lives, trips, relationships, etc. the items in these boxes represent. A sampling of a few of the photo album pages appears below. The first image below contains six photographs (all of which were taken in the 1950s) that struck me as very Diana-esque. Otherwise put: Soft and just lovely! The photo album pages that appear beneath the 1950 photos may well date back to 1915-1920.

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