Friday, November 28, 2008

striation situation

one more thing: so, i couldn't help noticing the striations marking both batches of diana+ pinhole negatives. the bookcase image to the left is one of the more extreme examples, but i noted that even the images from the first roll (see below) all had single lines running down or across the images.

i'll admit that my care and handling of negatives leaves a lot to be desired but my mishandling rarely results in patterns comprised of more or less straight lines. it looks as though something scratched both rolls of film while they were in the camera. ironically, this was the first time i've used the diana+ when advancing the film didn't feel like a be-all, end-all struggle for advancement. otherwise put, most times when i've used the diana+ there have been stretches during advancement when i've been sure that the film will break. if anything, i'd expect striations when the advancement is tight.

so i'm not sure what's up with this as i've never seen these kinds of marks before. i was using arista edu ultra film (both 100 and 400 speeds) and i've used this film before--though perhaps not in the diana+. i checked the inside of the camera as well, but nothing looked suspect (or potentially scratchifying) there. so maybe it's the camera/film combo? i thought about putting some electrical tape on the edges against which the film passes (i was advised to do this with the holga when running 35mm through it). then again, i might try another round of diana+ pinholes tomorrow using a different kind of film--maybe color?--and see if the situation repeats itself. another diana+ mystery.


powernumpty said...

The marks are not consistent and parallel with the edge of the film (normal for in-camera) so I'd look at film squeegee if used.
And I thought you'd done it for affect...

remediate this said...

Stu! Thanks for responding to my latest diana+ woe! The thing is i don't have or use a squeegee and i've never seen (or gotten) these kind of marks before. because diana is made so cheaply, the film doesn't always spool up or advance as tightly or as evenly as it does in other cameras, so i wondered if maybe if the lines could be a result of that.

powernumpty said...

Ok no squegee, that diana must really let the film move around then.
Being 120 film the paper should protect it except where it passes the film gate.
There is one quite prominent mark, you should be able to find that by measuring its distance from the edge.
Find that one and the problem area should be apparent.
You could then try polishing the plastic with the white thermal paste that comes with computer CPU fans, start with it on a piece of paper then move to cloth.
I know, I have too much time on my hands.
Oh and don't get the paste in your eyes (that's not good)

remediate this said...

oh my heavens--you lost me with the thermal, fan, CPU talk but i do get the glue caution! lol. i will check the inside of the camera though and see if something seems amiss. or i might try another kind of film. the fortepan is really, really thin!