Monday, December 1, 2008

faux bratz cam pinholes (a sampling)

with the help of this most excellent resource, i tried making my own matchbox pinhole camera, starting it last night, finishing it this morning. i then shot and developed a test roll. hmmm.

okay, to be totally honest, this was the look i was hoping for. very optomistic, i know. but what i ended up getting. . . well, the final images (see below) looked like they might instead have been shot with my modified bratz cam. sigh. i'm guessing that the size of the pinhole was a wee bit too big.

if i had to list the things at which i decidedly do not excel, the list would include driving, taking/making accurate measurements, taping things carefully, cutting things accurately (complicating things is my aversion to using most sharp or dangerous tools, but especially exacto knives). bracketing the driving issue, all of these other skills were needed for a proper pinhole construction. if nothing else, i am hopeful and persistent so after seeing my finished products, i revamped my matchbox pinhole, subbing out the old pinhole for a new, more slimly-pointed version. we'll see how test roll two goes.

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Unknown said...

"this was the look i was hoping for"

That only was with my second experiment ;) after "failing" once. The secret is to make the pinhole small enough. Good luck with your second attempt! :)