Saturday, February 13, 2010

the bend project

Now that the manuscript is finished, I've promised myself that I'll spend more time writing (and writing more regularly) here. I started the bend project a couple months ago. I was feeling pretty burnt out with most things related to photography. I didn't want to test new cameras or film. I'd gotten tired of that and without any conference travel plans on the horizon (having a chance to take pics places I'd normally never get to is the main incentive for doing conferences these days), well I'd grown pretty bored with things. Inspired by a flickr contact's seemingly endless creative projects and experiments, I decided to try to take a photograph of the same (approximate) point on a riverwalk path with each camera in my collection. I've only got 20 in the flickr set so far. For a time there, we were walking the path once a day. With the snow, the semester starting, etc. I've not gotten back there as often. Still, I figure that if and when I'm back there, I'll take with me another camera or two and see what else I can add to the set. Having only gotten to know this fabulous place in December, I'm eager to see what the walk looks like in spring, summer and fall! Featured below (top down) are bend pics taken by the holga, a 110 vellum film plane camera and a suprema camera with a vignette jelly lens. The first image of the bend was taken with the vivitar vivicam 8025.

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